Thursday, October 15, 2009

She's finally here

This has been one emotional week for me. But I have to say that seeing the birth of my granddaughter was definetely worth every minute. Having had 5 kids of my own you would think that childbirth would be no big deal to me, but let me tell you it takes on a whole new meaning when it is your baby having a baby. Summer did a great job and did Steven. He was really there for her through it all. So now for the details. Summer's doctor decided that he was going to induce her when she went in for her regular appointment due to high blood pressure. We got the call and we were on our way to the hospital. When we got there we found out that because of the flu they would only allow two people per patient in the hosptial. At first they would not even let any one wait in the waiting room. This was a big letdown since Steven's Mom came from California to see the baby born and then she wasn't even able to stay. She was so nice about it though. I will never be able to express to her how much it meant to me that she understood that I wanted to be there with Summer. So I sent the girls home and settle in for a long night. Mykayelee Ashlyndawn May was born at 7:04 am October 13, 2009. She weighed 6 lbs 6 oz and was 18 1/2 inches long. She definitely has her Momma's mouth. I couldn't be prouder. Her are some pictures

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Too Long

Okay, it has been forever since I posted on this blog so here goes. We have all been busy with the everyday things. Currently, we are trying to do a little remodel on our house. I can tell you that it has been a challenge. We decided to take the old vinyl siding off and paint the wood siding that is underneath. Well, that was going pretty well until we got to the front of the house and found out that they had taken the original boards off the top 2/3 of the house. Let me tell you that I have a whole new respect for people that do this for a living. I know that they have better resources than we do but what a pain to find something that would work. It would seem that in order to find what was used originally we would have to special order it and then we couldn't even get it that way. We did end up with some siding that we got at Home Depot (I really don't like that store but what do you do when it is the only store in your town). So anyway, after much trial and error we are almost done with that part of the project and can paint hopefully this week.

On a lighter note, Jeff's sister Michelle came out here for a visit. She lives in Tennessee but our niece Samantha lives here with her little boy, Colby. So Michelle likes to try and come out often so that she gets to see him. He is so cute. I can't wait until Summer has her baby girl, I am so excited. Anyway, while Michelle was here she came out to our house with Colby and we spent the day together. It was great to visit and catch up. Then we decided that we should get together with her and Samantha so we went to dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ. I had never been there so I was a little worried. I love good BBQ but it is so hard to find in the land of green jello and casseroles (don't get me wrong I love casseroles). Well anyway, I was not disappointed the food was awesome. Definitely a restaurant I will visit again. At the end of the week we went to over to Samantha's grandparents house and had a backyard barbeque with them. We have seen them for about 13 years and it was so nice to see everyone again and catch up on what is going on in everyone's life. The next day Michelle had to go back home and I miss her. I wish that she would move back to Utah and bring her Mom with her. I wish that my kids could see their grandma more often.

On Sept 11th we had a baby shower for Summer. It was a lot of fun and she got some really cute things. She invited 81 people so my sister-in-law had the shower for her at her commons area in in subdivision. I wish that we had something like this. It is like a little park set in the middle of the houses in the neighborhood. There is not playground equipment but it is pretty big and a really nice place to have parties and such. My niece Heidi had her wedding reception there and it just so pretty. Anyway, back to the shower. I had Vicki (a coworker) make a Winnie the Pooh out of jello. It turned out so cute. I will try to find a picture to post. Annette ordered a big cake from Albertson's with cute little pink booties on top. It was so good, even though I don't like strawberry. Summer got a ton of clothes for Mykayeleigh, a bathtub, two diaper bags, diapers, toiletries and her very first Halloween costume. (She will make the cutest little Winnie the Pooh).

Anyway, I think that is it for now. I will try to post more later. Ciao

Saturday, August 29, 2009

She's gone

Summer moved today and things won't be the same. I am going to miss her.


Well, I can say that I am soo glad that this week is over. I have been on an emotional roller coaster all week. Katelyn and Jessica started school on Monday and that is still hard for me. No matter how old my kids get I hate sending them off to school that first day. I think it is because I can't be there to protect them from all the imaginary things that I think are going to happen to them. I will be glad when I don't have to do this anymore.

It has also been a crappy work week. Let me just say that in these ecomomic times I am so grateful to have a job, but I hate that a dear friend will be losing his. The owner of the company had a meeting with all of us and told us that they would not be continuing part of our work, so two of the people will be losing their jobs. This sucks!!!! They both have families to support and in these times of unemployment, jobs are hard to come by. I pray that everything will work out for them.

On a more positive note, Jeff's sister came out for a visit from Tennessee last week. It was so good to see her. She has the cutest little grandson and the two of them came out to our house last Saturday and spent the day with us. Then we got to go to dinner with her, my niece Samantha and baby Colby on Monday. We went to Famous Dave's BBQ. I have to say that this was the best barbequed food I have eaten since I left Kansas. We finished off the weekend with a backyard BBQ at Samantha's grandparents house. It was so much fun. It was nice to spend time with her family and of course the food was great as always. I will miss you Michelle, come back soon.

So here it is Saturday again and I have tons of stuff to do that probably won't get done, but I can say I tried!!!! So that is all for now, until next time, Ciao

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's official

It's official, I'm gettting old. This week I took Katelyn and Jessica to register for school. I can't believe that my babies are in high school and junior high. Even though this is the second year for both of them it is hard to deal with the fact that they are growing up. Katelyn is going to be in 10th grade and will be able to drive when summer comes around again. Look out everyone, I hope that she doesn't develop road rage. Jessica is in 8th grade this year which means that next year she will be in high school, what a ride that will be. She hates school now, how am I going to get her to go to high school every day.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Let's start with Lagoon

Well, we finally made it to Lagoon this year. I am not a big fan but I went with the kids this year mostly in part because we went with Annette,Michelle,her husband Zach,Heidi,her husband Cheyo,and Zack.Zack's friend Tyson and his girlfriend Chelsea went too, also Shelby and Star went with us so that Katelyn and Jessica had someone their age to hang out with. We spent the entire day there and it was fun but so hot! I think that we all got a little bit of heat exhaustion that day because we were all so tired or not feeling well this week.

Next came our visit with Danny and the boys. Danny and Lissa came up from Arizona for Danny's family reunion. They spent a few days in Idaho with Lissa's family and then came to Utah to see everyone here. We met Danny for dinner at Rumbi's Island Grill. It was so yummy! Camden and Jace came with us too and Camden is so shy. I felt bad for him because he hasn't seen any of us since he was born and so he didn't really know who we were. He just wanted to be with his Dad most of the time, but he is such a cutie and I'm sure as he gets older he will understand who we are and that it is okay. Jace has such a sweet personality and is a really good baby. He slept and played and ate and was just a cutie. After dinner we went walking around the Gateway. I wanted to find the lady that does the caricatures but she wasn't there. instead we ended up at Build-A-Bear. They have a sale going on right now so we decided that now would be the time to get Jace one. (We gave Camden one for his first birthday). We made Jace a dog and dressed it in Jazz outfit. Camden thought that was so cool that there was a basketball with it. He just wanted to play with the ball and was throwing it all over the place. We also made one for MyKayeleigh, hers is a monkey and they dressed her in a little tie-dyed outfit. It is way cute too. I let Katelyn, Jessica and Alex get one too since I had promised them one when we got Camden and then I never took them back. Then Danny took the girls and bought them a shirt at the Aeropostle store. By the time we were through there Camden was done for the day. His schedule is all screwed up with this trip and he wouldn't take a nap so he was wiped out. We meet back up with Lissa and her friend and said goodbye. I hope that it is not 2 years before we see them again.

Friday I went to the doctor with Summer. I wanted to hear my granddaughter's heartbeat. It was awesome!!!!!!! I am so excited for MyKayeleigh to be born. Summer is 28 weeks now so we still have a ways to go, but we also have a lot to do before she gets here so I am sure that the time will fly by. After the doctor, Summer and I spent the day together just hanging out. We went to lunch and went to Taipan Trading Company.

Today, Danny is hosting a golf clinic and tournament. He wanted to do something with his family other than the family reunion. Danny has a rather large family (9 brothers and sisters). Since Danny is an assistant golf pro and Wayne (Stefanie's Dad) loves to golf they usually get together whenever they can and do the golfing thing. So Steven is going to go to the tournament today, his uncle and some friends are going to. I hope that they have a good time. I would go if I golfed but I don't so I am going to sit this one out. I would like to see Danny's Mom but she isn't going to be there either so not much sense in going for that.

I hope to have pictures soon to post. I really need to get my own camera and stop depending on others to take the pictures for me. Well, I think that is about all for now,Ciao!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Catch up time

I am trying to blog more often so that I don't have to try and remember everything all at once to keep caught up but it has been a crazy busy couple of weeks. So I will try to get everything in now.

Since my last post we have had a pretty uneventful couple of weeks just busy with the everyday sort of things. We are finally finished with softball for now. We may do Fall Ball but that depends on if any of the teams actually follow through and do it. It makes for a long season for some of the coaches because the also have All-Stars. We don't do All-Stars due to scheduling restrictions and I am glad. But we had a great season this year. Katelyn and Jessica both played on teams that did very well and ended up with 1st and 2nd place trophies. I am so proud of them, they both played really hard and had a good time.

Summer is still having a hard time being pregnant. She is uncomfortable most of the time and is exhausted all of the time. I feel bad for her because this being her first baby and all I don't think that she expected it to be quite like this. She was sick alot at the beginning and in this age of internet and books I feel there is to much information out there that makes expectant mothers nervous about everything. Every new thing that happens sends her into a tailspin and I think that she just didn't expect all of this. I was one of those lucky women who had relatively easy pregnancies so it is hard for me to relate sometimes to what she is feeling. Either way I am very excited for my granddaughter to be here. I can't wait to hold her and love on her. I am sure that I will spoil her rotten.

I am excited that Danny (sorry, just can't call you Dan)and Lissa are coming for a visit the end of this month. I haven't seen Camden since he was just a tiny baby, and I have never gotten to see Jace except for in pictures. Danny is organizing a Memorial Golf Tournament to take place while he is here. Danny loves to golf (his chosen profession) and he thought that it would be a good way to get everyone together for a fun activity while they are here. Steven and Alex want to participate since they both like to golf. I am not a golfer, but I may go just so that I can see everyone. I really love Danny's family. I guess that I should explain why a Memorial Golf tournament. It is to remember our families Angels in Heaven. Bud (Danny's dad), Laura (Danny's sister) Stefanie and Sara (Bud and Kris' little baby). I am glad that he wants to do something to remember them. They should be here the end of the week. I can't wait.

So I think that is everything for now. I will try to post more later and I am hoping that I can get some pictures to post of the winning teams here shortly. So for now, I will sign off, Ciao!!!!